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Immigration Attorney Rhodora Derpo is a first generation Filipina American. She emigrated from the Philippines at the age of ten and can relate to the challenges that non-citizens experience in the United States. Ms. Derpo began her work in immigration law while she was attending University of Hawai`i William S. Richardson School of Law. As a Student Attorney for the Immigration Law Clinic, she represented indigent clients charged with committing removable criminal offenses. In 2003, Ms. Derpo served as an Immigration Advocate for Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies in Hawai`i. As an Immigration Advocate, she developed and adapted language appropriate materials for state-wide presentation and national distribution. Ms. Derpo collaborated with immigrant service organizations in scheduling and presenting information about stalking to immigrant communities. She authored Safety Planning for Immigrants, a victim rights handbook that has been published by the National Center for Victims of Crime. And, as a Law Clerk at Hawai`i's only nonprofit immigration law center, Ms. Derpo worked on cases involving self-petitions under the Violence Against Women Act. In 2008, Ms. Derpo established Immigrant Rights Advocate, an immigration law practice specializing in family-based and employment-based immigration. As part of her ongoing effort to promote education and awareness on immigration matters, Ms. Derpo provides free immigration law seminars and workshops to community-based and nonprofit organizations. Ms. Derpo's commitment to equality and social justice informs her work as an immigration law practitioner.

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